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Training Services

Deep industry knowledge and experience combined with expert advisory and training resources.

Our corrections experts build proficiency and confidence early on.

Meet Director of Training,  Greg Piper

With 15 years in corrections, he knows his stuff. He knows Guardian RFID like the back of his hand and knows what you go through day in and day out. His passion for corrections is deep, and you can bet this on-site training and go-live shadowing will be unlike anything you've ever had before. There's no holding this guy back and he's quite the've been warned.


Pre-Training meetings help form a foundational understanding of how your agency will deploy and use GUARDIAN RFID. We extensively cover a number of questions pertaining to your policies and procedures, as well as goals and expectations. Pre-Training meetings are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to implementation and Go-Live and last around 60-75 minutes.

Meeting Format

Pre-Training meetings are coordinated via WebEx, involving command staff, administrators, supervisors, and select line staff. There may be technical threads discussed during this meeting, so having IT staff available during certain segments can also be helpful.

Goals & Objectives

Improve communication by helping users at all levels understand what GUARDIAN RFID is, how GUARDIAN RFID will be used, and how it will help staff Review common policy and procedure questions and create or modify existing policies and procedures prior to system implementation. Identify potential super-users and begin building their proficiency in GUARDIAN RFID

On-Site Hands-On Training

GUARDIAN RFID On-site training's are four-hour classes.

We recommend, whenever possible, to keep the attendee to instructor ratio as low as possible for optimal learning. We understand that in some instances, classes may need to be as large 30-50+ attendees due to scheduling challenges, which we’re happy to accommodate.

Additionally, we highly recommend allowing GUARDIAN RFID professional instructors to lead all staff training versus train-the-trainer instruction. By enabling our professional instructors to lead training for everyone, we’re able to deliver optimal results

Meeting Format

The four-hour class is a highly interactive experience, led by professional instructors who help attendees to use every part of the GUARDIAN RFID system with hands-on guidance. In fact, nearly three hours of the class is spent with hands-on practice. We work quickly to build a strong, foundational understanding of how to use GUARDIAN RFID.

Complimentary Beverages and Snacks

Beverages and snacks are always provided and complimentary to all attendees. We also provide hard copies of the GUARDIAN RFID Cascade Learning Kit (CLK), which recaps all classroom training customized to each agency. Classes conclude with an introductory exam, which includes long and short answer questions, multiple-choice questions, and 10 true or false questions.


Following the last training class, we go-live. This helps all staff members to put their recent training into action immediately. Our professional instructors shadow every shift over the next several days to reinforce classroom training, and answer any questions that may arise — whether it’s a functional question or a question pertaining to policy and procedure.